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Cell Savings Canada

Phone Unlocking

We can unlock your phone for a small fee

We offer cell phone unlocking services. We charge a fee of 35-45$ NO TAX. Cell phone carriers charge 50$+TAX to unlock your phone for you. PLEASE NOTE: APPLE PHONES ARE CHEAPER TO UNLOCK VIA YOUR CARRIER - WE CAN ONLY CHARGE LESS FOR NON-APPLE PHONES.

  1. Retrieve your IMEI Number. You can get it by typing *#06# into your dialpad as if you wanted to call someone. Or you can get it by removing the battery - it is often written on the back of the phone or on the battery itself.
  2. We need your phone brand and model as well as the cell phone provider it is locked to
  3. Submit the info to us via the link below. We will get back to you with an estimated date for completion - it usually takes 1-2 days.
  4. Once we finish unlocking your phone, we will send you a code as well as instructions you have to follow. Input the code following the instructions and your phone will be unlocked. Pay us via e-transfer when we are done.